Random things that remind me of London.

April 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

For some reason, slightly cold and yet sunny Sunday mornings remind me of London (they do have sun in the UK, you guys), much more than rainy days in fact. So I’ve decided to compile a list of other things that remind me of that city which is the true love of my life. (I’ve tried to keep out obvious UK products)

– Tea (well, this one was pretty obvious)

– Subway (first time I had one was there)

– Dumplings and many other types of food that have nothing to do with England, like Dim Sum, Kebabs, Curry.

– Have a real breakfast

– White sheets and white houses

– Jägermeister, Ales, Cider

– People complaining it’s cold when the temperature is around 15ºC. (this is basically Summer, people)

– Orthodox Jews (the first house I lived there was in a street where I was basically the only one not Jewish)

–  Tea Cups (or rather ‘Cuppa’)

– Black cocktail dresses

– Ray Ban Wayfarers

– Hills (I spent a lot of time in Muswell Hill)

– Parks

– Sunday Roast

– Hangovers

– Gingers

– Very big houses with great gardens (aka ‘manors’)

– Comic books

– Small  avocados

– Moldy bread (used to happen a lot, I ate it anyway)

– Oysters

– Braids

– Mustard

– Women with moustaches (I met one as soon as I got to London and she was really rude)

– Supermarket own brand products

– Talking about the weather

– Stand up comedy (well, funny people in general make me think of England)

– Some REALLY bad adverts (video ones), yet the clever visual adverts (like the ones in billboards or magazines) or beautifully designed packages also remind me of London

– Old men with very white hair

– Cheekbones (Matt Smith and Benedict Cumberbatch)

– Men wearing pointed-toe shoes

– Naked women in the newspaper

– CUSTARD, OH GOD I MISS CUSTARD and scones, I miss scones too

– Red bricks

– Banjos

– Men with nice haircuts

– Girls wearing shorts/skirts with a high waist

– Waistcoats (my boss in the pub wore it all the time)

– Scarves

– Puns

– And last, but not least (for now anyway): banter


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