Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off

December 1, 2009 § 1 Comment

I think it’s when we (women) are about 15 years-old that we realize how much power we have over the male race. I guess that it also depends on how you’re raised or how old you are when you develop your sex appeal.

I find it highly amusing how that works. It’s also a bit pathetic and possibly dangerous. I don’t think many women know how manipulative they’re being (or maybe they do and that makes it even more dangerous).

Of course, it’s very much fun and I must say interesting to observe how you know that if you dress up with a skirt or wear a cleavage and a little bit make up, maybe even put on some high heels, men will be much more suscetible to your desires. Far from me to want to sound arrogant, but you can’t really deny this. Whether it’s a pretty girl or not, men will look twice (or more and maybe for different reasons).

I quite like the idea that you know how someone is going to react at a certain point or at some kind of stimuli. It’s one of the best feelings ever to see how the “boy you like” react when you dress up a little bit better. We’ve all seen in romantic movies and teen comedies that when the so-so protagonist dresses up and goes through a makeover, the boy falls completely (which is quite depressing that he needs to see her not as she really is to fall in love).

And why do you think good looking actors and actress have so much power over the media and everyone else? It’s definitely not because they’re really nice people, at least not most of the time. We all love good looking people. Eye candy. Etc. Nevertheless, men don’t know to use that as much as women do. We learn from very young, probably because when teenagers, men can’t really control their sexual appetite, while women can (they giggle), so we realise that there’s something there that should be explored.

It’s depressing, but if women weren’t that evil and manipulative I might have some respect for the female race. Now, really, do you need to dress up like a slut all the time? I reckon girls are learning way to early that they can manipulate men using sex (not in the proper sense of having sex with them, but making them wanting to have sex with you).

I wish men were a bit smarter when it comes to this side of the story and proved it to me that they’re not that easily persuaded. Each time they did prove through arguments, sooner or later they just proved that theory when they weren’t paying attention. It’s a natural part of us to do so and maybe that’s why it’s difficult to act against it, but being “the” most developed race in the planet, I would assume we have more control over our minds than that.

I’m certainly not saying that when they see a women wearing a mini skirt all men just stop thinking and crawl on their knees. No, what I’m saying is: they’re definitely aware that women use their bodies to control them, but are they aware of when we’re doing this? And more important do they care we are doing this?

Are women just being primitive thinking they can manipulate men using their bodies or are men that easily manipulated? I’m not talking about using sex (because that would have to include also the discussion about “sex strike” in a relationship and prostitution at some level) but using the knowledge that we all acquire at some point that men react some way to us if we want to.


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§ One Response to Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off

  • 112358 says:

    And you know what’s the most, frustrating, irritating and miserable part of all this sex appeal thing?

    When men realize women ARE doing that poisonous little twist of hips, or that goddamned over the shoulder look, or even the old school, but never dull, subtle leg crossing, and the women don’t know they’re doing it. Anyway, for shorts…if it’s natural that men looks, i think it’s natural what women does. And for the woman not realize that she is doing it is really, REALLY IRRITATING… And teasing…

    Overall, I agree with everything you wrote. Men are STUPID. PATHETIC. If women are really smarter than men (wich I highly believe), and are going to take over the world (as commonly said), PLEASE, DO IT!!! Our planet can’t stand being run by idiotic morons, such as men.

    Grats for the blog. A very good reading.

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